dimanche 6 mai 2012

Osteria alla ciurma -wine bar- / Venice Italy

 This is a nice little wine bar on a quiet alleyway a short distance from the Rialto bridge.
A great place for a drink among neighborhood people. Wine is cheap and drinkable, food offerings are tasty.  The typical aperitif in Venice is the spritz, made of carbonated water, white wine, lemon peel or olive and as you prefer, bitter Campari, Cynar or Aperol. It's not always good (Attenzione! the taste is due to the bar) but this bar offer me the spritz with my favorite taste.  

I came here four times in five days stay.

Osteria alla ciurma -wine bar
S. polo 406
Rialto, calle della Galeazza, 
Music: Fleet Foxes / The Shirine / An Argument

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