dimanche 4 septembre 2011

Schueberfouer / Luxembourg

The Schueberfouer, funfair of the city of Luxembourg, is the biggest funfair in Luxembourg and the Greater Region attracting over 2 million visitors every year from end of august until early September on the 4 hectares of the Glacis-field located in the heart of the city of Luxembourg. Booths and rides are installed on a lenght of 3,5 kilometers.

It was Joan the Blind who founded the Schueberfouer in 1340 as annual market. With the years the market turned into a funfair without loosing its cultural origins.
A unique mix of 200 funfair attractions, of it 25 major rides, over 12 kiddy rides, a dozen restaurants, numerous snacks and take-outs, lotteries and shooting galleries, duck fishing, almost 100 street vendors, and showmen from over 6 different nations turn the Schueberfouer into a popular event "par excellence", where Luxembourgish people meet Non-Luxembourgish people, eat, drink, and enjoy themselves. It is the friendly and family character that does the excellent reputation of the "Fouer" as the Luxembourgish call their funfair. (Schueberfouer)

This is what i most look foward to in the end of summer.

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